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VSC 6.2 and SnapCenter 1.1 – Backup jobs not starting


We have a new cDOT 8.3.2P3 installation with a primary and a secondary cluster. The aim was to use VSC to restore data directly from a SnapMirror Vault or Mirror-and-Vault (preferable) secondary.  When creating backup jobs in VSC, the Backup jobs/Policies and the Datasets gets registered on SnapCenter, but scheduled jobs do not start automatically.

We are using VSC 6.2P2, SnapCenter 1.1, vCenter 6.0.0 Build 3018524 and ESXi 6.0.0-20160302001. We have tried to restart smvi service, VSC service, vCenter server and SnapCenter server, but to no relief. If we start the backup jobs manually, they run fine with everything logged to SnapCenter.


I've used two NetApp Lab-On-Demand labs with pre-integrated VSC 6.2P1 and SnapCenter 1.1 ("Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere 6.0 v1.3" and "Data Protection Management with NetApp SnapCenter and SnapCenter Plug-ins v1.1") to see if they have the same problem. The first one has the same problem (scheduled jobs not starting), while the second do not (jobs run as scheduled).
I'm not able to find any reason why they work differently. I've seen Bug  996129, "Scheduled backup job not triggered", but that is supposedly fixed in VSC 6.2P1.


Has anyone else experienced this – or even better have a solution?


Regards Erik


Re: VSC 6.2 and SnapCenter 1.1 – Backup jobs not starting




1. After creating or making changes to a backup job, restart the NetApp SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure service.
2. The scheduled backup jobs will start triggering as they should.


Note: Restarting the service is required if any changes are made to a job.




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Re: VSC 6.2 and SnapCenter 1.1 – Backup jobs not starting



The issue was that the Snapcenter user didn't have local administrator rights. After that was fixed, the jobs started to run as scheduled.


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