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VM Sanpshot is slow on netapp


Hello All,

I am using Vmware ESX 4.1.0 Server & Vsphere 4.1 client to manage it.For storing VM's i am using Netapp FAS6070 storage as NFS.

But issue i am facing is when ytrying to take snapshot it taking much longer time say 8-10 Mins Time when creating snapshot over local disk of the server it takes less than a minute.

Can any body help me out in this & is a performace bottleneck.is it related to something called MBR Align ?.

Hoping to get quick & prositive responses.




VM Sanpshot is slow on netapp


I think you are going to have to include a bit more information.

What does your setup look like?  How many VM's per data store? Load on the ESX servers and NetApp?  Log information? ONTap version?

What have you discovered so far?  What have you tried?  (How much money are you willing to pay to have it fixed? hehe)

No one is going to beg you to supply enough information.  If you don't do it, you won't get help.

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