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Removal of vSphere box from igroup

Hi, I'm just wondering if there's a best practice, or official way to remove a vSphere server from an igroup? I have one server that I'd like to move to a new cluster and have it access a different set of LUNs but when I try to delete it's Initator ID, I get a "LUN maps for this initiator group exist iqn.......". The igroup is used by several other production vSphere servers, so I'd like to avoid offlining the LUNs or igroup.



Removal of vSphere box from igroup


you can forcefuly remove the initiator from the group, just make sure the esx server does not hold any vms (put him in maintenance mode) and you actualy choose the right initiatorid 😉

igroup remove -f <esxigroup> <initiator>

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