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VM getting intermitted connection


hello all,


our vcenter host has 3 VM that are all stored on the 3140. the VMs have intermitted connect, keeps disconnecting for a duration before connecting than disconnecting. pinging from the host to the 3140 shows big packet loss, up to 50% packet loss.


trying to test connection from 3140 in the system manager but do not know what to use in system mgmt to troubleshoot and show connection issue to VM from 3140.


any help on this would be much appreciated. thanks....



Hey NetApp gods...


Need help on something probably too easy to respond too. How do I trace the connections from the filer to the server? I am getting disconnects to the storage filer but if I can find out what appliances/ routers and switches are being used from the server to the filer I can find out where appliance is the culbrit... 


Thanks for your time ---




Check the switches... 


Do a packet trace from the filer pktt  


Is your switch configured wrong, one hard coded, one set auto,  


Did a ppkt from Po1 with no packet loss. but when i doing a ping test to the filer i get about 30 to 50% packet loss.


does this only leave the switch as the culbrit?

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