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Snaphot and VMs

In my company, we use datastores NFS. This week end, the snapshot on the volume who contains the datasotre growing up abnormally.


My question : anybody knows a solution for identify which VM cause the problem. perhaps via DFM or protection manager ?

Many thanks for your help.


Re: Snaphot and VMs

If you have NetApp Balance or Insight, it can plug into vmware and pull out information to that level. Or if you have Vmware Ops Manager, you should be able to find any heavy IO VMs. Otherwise, you can see the VMs using the datastore in the datastore view and then check for activity on the VM, high CPU tends to follow high IO although not 100%.

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Re: Snaphot and VMs

Hi rwelshman,

Thank you for this first answer. We used Foglight to follow virtual activity. Could you help me ?

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