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VMWare SRM and iSCSI Luns inside the VM



I'm just starting to test-deploy SRM in my new Netapp Environment and basically everything looks fine. But there is one thing I'm not shure about and that his what to do with iSCSI-Luns directly mapped into the VM (via Snapdrive installed on the VM) I want to protect with SRM.

I'll give you an Example for a typical Database Server:

All the Disks are on the same primary FAS. C: (Systems) and D:(Programs) are VMDKs (backed up and snapmirrored to a secondary FAS via Netapp VSC), the rest are iSCSI LUNs, Layout analog to TR-3941. The SQL Server DB on this server is backed up and snapmirrord to a secondary FAS by SMSQL 5.2. As you see, I got everything I need also on the secondary FAS.

So, if I'm going to use VMWare SRM for C: and 😧 erverything ist just fine. But what about the iSCSI LUNs? Can anybody point me into the right direction? Could scripting the whole thing for the iSCSI via sdcli the solution?

Thanks in advance.



Re: VMWare SRM and iSCSI Luns inside the VM


or is this one your team handles or  is this one that your team handles or should the question be asked in the NetApp Support Community?

Re: VMWare SRM and iSCSI Luns inside the VM


Hi Sven and welcome to the Community!

Have a look at this TR document - http://media.netapp.com/documents/tr-3822.pdf - it gives detailed description how to configure DR protection for VMs with application data.



VMWare SRM and iSCSI Luns inside the VM


Thanks for the answer and the welcome. Sorry my reaaction took some time, but I needed a timeout.

I already read that TR but it doesn't fit for me because the the data luns there are provisioned as RAW-Devicemappings in VCenter. This is not the configuration I have now and neither will have since don't want >100 Raw mappings in my VCenter.

So, I'll begin with scripting the whole thing. By the way, Excel is a wonderful tool for generating scripts and having documantation for those in one step.

I'll keep this post updated an would really to keep on discussing my solution.

Re: VMWare SRM and iSCSI Luns inside the VM


I believe I'm running into the same question - did you ever figure this out Sven?

Re: VMWare SRM and iSCSI Luns inside the VM


Nope. I will switch over to RAW-Devicemappings. It's a pain, but seems to be the only way. At least it's not difficult but just an annoying amount of clicking   and needs a downtime.

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