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VMware SRM and NFS Datastores


I'd like to clarify the support situation regarding VMware Site Recovery Manager and NFS datastores on NetApp. VMware indicate that SRM doesn't support NFS in general; I imagine this also applies to NetApp datastores? If this is the case is there any indication of when the feature might arrive?


Re: VMware SRM and NFS Datastores


Hi Will,

This does apply to NFS on NetApp also. As SRM is a VMware product I would recommend contacting them directly for specific dates on including NFS support.


Re: VMware SRM and NFS Datastores


VMware don't seem to have said anything public. I will try asking them directly.

However, I did find this: http://blog.scottlowe.org/2008/12/11/3183-vmware-srm-on-netapp-storage/

"NetApp again re-iterated that they anticipate seeing NFS support in VMware SRM somewhere in the March 2009 timeframe."

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