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VSC 2.0 + NFS Settings false positive?


Has anyone seen the condition whereby you set the recommended values for NFS on an ESX server, reboot and it still indicates (after an update) an alert with the red icon for the NFS column?  When browsing the 'show details' option all the NFS settings have been updated to their new values, with no red text, but the overall value "nfssettings' on the same list shows red text.

VSC 2.0

VCenter 4.0

ESX 4.0



Re: VSC 2.0 + NFS Settings false positive?


Please open a case with NGS. They will assist you in collecting the relevant logs.  There appears to be a potential bug in the code.   Curious, if you close, then re-launch your vCenter client, does the nfssettings still have an alert?

Re: VSC 2.0 + NFS Settings false positive?

Thanks, yes, a case will be opened on this issue.  No improvement after closing and re-opening the Vcenter client.  Thanks!

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