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VSC 2.0 mount question


I would like to test the mount feature of backup and Recovery section of VSC. We have run a few backup jobs and when I go to select the backup job to mount from it only gives me the option to select the host to mount to, but not which LUN I want to mount?

Does it mount a LUN that contains all the VMs from all the LUNs in the backup job?

Also I see alot of NFS related comments with the mount feature. This is a FC only configuration so will mount work with FC only?



The Mount option will mount all the LUNs contained within the VSC backup. This is OK since they will not consume any space. It might only be a problem if you are near the 256 lun limit.

This will work fine with FC but will cause a HBA rescan on the target ESX host just so you know.  Also if you have FlexClone this will create a new FlexClone volume and connect it to the host. If you don't have FlexClone this will still work with FC however you should then try not to take any snapshots while the Clones are mounted otherwise the clones LUNs wil be trapped in that snapshot temporarily.