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VSC 2.1.1 Properties in vCenter


Since installing VSC 2.1.1 in vCenter 5.0, VSC  seems to have added the following properties in vCenter:





These show up when you are looking in the context of a VM.  For example they show up on the Summary tab for a VM or they are columns when looking at the Virtual Machines tab for a host/cluster/datacenter.

Below is a screenshot of them in vCenter.

Any ideas on how these can be removed from the display?

They don't seem to be used or provide any value to users of vCenter.


Re: VSC 2.1.1 Properties in vCenter


If you use the VSC to create clones, these Annotations will be added.  Unfortunately, the addition has to apply to all VMs even though these values are only filled out for VMs cloned via the Provisioning and Cloning Capability.

Re: VSC 2.1.1 Properties in vCenter


I haven't used VSC to create clones.  In fact, we are not even licensed for FlexClone.

They sure feel like they should be hidden from display.  IMHO, they aren't in a very user friendly readable format.  PnC.* doesn't really tell me anything.  But I get it if is used under the hood by VSC.

Feels like a bug...

Re: VSC 2.1.1 Properties in vCenter


PnC refers to Provisioning & Cloning.  We wanted to distinguish that from the other subplugins in VSC.

Re: VSC 2.1.1 Properties in vCenter


I also do not use the provisioning and cloning piece so decided I would try removing the pnc custom attributes.  As of yet I see no ill effect and if I do I will simply uninstall and reinstall the plugin.  If you want to remove them, in the vcenter client click Administration\Custom Attributes and remove them from the list.  You'll need to weigh the pluses and minuses of doing such an action in your environment and may want to test in a lab and as always be sure to backup prior to doing so in production.

Re: VSC 2.1.1 Properties in vCenter



I followed your lead and remove the attributes too, as I'm not using that feature.  Didn't like what they did to vCenter, seems sloppy.

Thanks for the advice.

Re: VSC 2.1.1 Properties in vCenter


I was asked to use the provisioning and cloning process to create VM's, as opposed to just cloning the our templates.  My storage team has indicated that under the covers this is a much more efficient way to deploy machines (new vm will be created deduped amongst other efficiencies).  Is it possible to turn off these additional VCenter attributes?

What are the concerns when removing the attributes? 

I am having a hard time finding any info around why these are created, what there for, why we need or don't need them?  We have just migrated from our old filer to netapp and the efficiencies of the RCU functionality are awesome but what is all this stuff in my vcenter?

Appreciate any additional info that can be provided.


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