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VSC 4.0 and Snapdrive

Hi, anyone know if VSC 4.0 is compatible with Snapdrive to see VMDK inside VM? Doing a rapid check with vsc 4.0 and snapdrive 4.0 it will not find SMVI....


Re: VSC 4.0 and Snapdrive

SnapDrive 4.0? Is it SnapDrive for Unix or Windows? AFAIK, the former doesn't support VMDKs and the latter started supporting them version 6.3 onward.

Re: VSC 4.0 and Snapdrive

I was talking about snapdrive 4 for windows with vsc 4 to use snap manager for SQL with db on vmdk file on NSF datastore.

I've not found any reference because vsc4 got out after snapdrive 4 and I'm not sure the combination is supported. When configuring sd it correctly connect to vcenter but cannot find smvi on the default 8043 port.

Re: VSC 4.0 and Snapdrive

You need to be on at least Snapdrive 6.3 (windows) to use vmdks. 

Re: VSC 4.0 and Snapdrive

Sorry Sharmas I was sure to have written it right and double checked it too....

I want to say 6.4 not 4 (I thinked 6.4 and wrote 4 instead).

So the configuration is SnapDrive 6.4 (windows), VSC 4, Snap Manager for SQL 5.2 .

When installing SnapDrive 6.4 I got the connect to vcenter and it goes on correctly then I got the Connect to SMVI but it was not connecting through the default port (8043).

I've just checked and the problem was that SMVI service was stopped. I restarted it and reconfigured snapdrive and now the installation completed successfully.

Tomorrow I'll try some backup.

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