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VSC 4.0 and Snapdrive


Hi, anyone know if VSC 4.0 is compatible with Snapdrive to see VMDK inside VM? Doing a rapid check with vsc 4.0 and snapdrive 4.0 it will not find SMVI....



SnapDrive 4.0? Is it SnapDrive for Unix or Windows? AFAIK, the former doesn't support VMDKs and the latter started supporting them version 6.3 onward.


I was talking about snapdrive 4 for windows with vsc 4 to use snap manager for SQL with db on vmdk file on NSF datastore.

I've not found any reference because vsc4 got out after snapdrive 4 and I'm not sure the combination is supported. When configuring sd it correctly connect to vcenter but cannot find smvi on the default 8043 port.


You need to be on at least Snapdrive 6.3 (windows) to use vmdks. 


Sorry Sharmas I was sure to have written it right and double checked it too....

I want to say 6.4 not 4 (I thinked 6.4 and wrote 4 instead).

So the configuration is SnapDrive 6.4 (windows), VSC 4, Snap Manager for SQL 5.2 .

When installing SnapDrive 6.4 I got the connect to vcenter and it goes on correctly then I got the Connect to SMVI but it was not connecting through the default port (8043).

I've just checked and the problem was that SMVI service was stopped. I restarted it and reconfigured snapdrive and now the installation completed successfully.

Tomorrow I'll try some backup.

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