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VSC 4.0 / vCenter 5.0 (update 1) / Linked Mode


Hello everyone,

We are planning to upgrade from VSC 2.1.3 to VSC 4.0 in the next few weeks.  In the Interop Matrix there is a note stating "vCenter Linked Mode is NOT supported with VSC for VMware vSphere".  Since we are currently using linked mode, and I can't see any mention of this limitation with 2.1.3, does anyone know whether this is a show stopper, or have any further information on this limitation?

Thanks in advance,



Re: VSC 4.0 / vCenter 5.0 (update 1) / Linked Mode


Hi Craig,

VSC doesn't support vCenter running in linked mode. With VSC 4.0 it may continue to work as it does in 2.1.3 but NetApp won't support it since it causes unexpected behavior. Another reason for not working on fixing it is that VMware has got rid of Linked Mode with the new web-based client/Single Sign-on in 5.1 and NetApp is working on getting a plugin out for the web based client that will support SSO.


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Re: VSC 4.0 / vCenter 5.0 (update 1) / Linked Mode


IHAC who is using BOTH SSO and linked mode. SSO does not replace linked mode.

Linked Mode will always be necessary for sharing Roles, Permissions and Licenses.

(VMware SE confirmed this)

How can we get this supported?  PVR?

We are moving for a Major Account 2 Service Provider towards a VCLOUD implementation with soon Clustered ONTAP 8.2.

If they use only VAAI and not VSC what would they miss out on?


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