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VSC 4.1 still not able to align NFS VMs

Was  very excited to see VSC 4.1 scan my NFS datastores and select unaligned VMs for migration to "optimized" datastores

Was less excited to see VSC 4.1 still does not support migration TO optimized NFS datastores (only iSCSI and FC currently - which we don't use)

I wrote up our experiences testing VSC 4.1 Optimization and Migration (aka alignment) here:



Re: VSC 4.1 still not able to align NFS VMs

You have to work with your account team to get access to NFS VMalign functionality. Since it is a brand new functionality introduced in Data ONTAP 8.1.1, we want to be aware who is using it. The functionality will go GA in one of the future versions of Data ONTAP . VSC 4.1 has the required code to use the VMalign functionality in 8.1.1. There is not need to upgrade it.

Re: VSC 4.1 still not able to align NFS VMs

Thanks - I was testing this in our DR cluster, I'll see if our account folks can hook us up with pre-GA access

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