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VSC 4.2.1 vCenter 5.5 Backup/Restore error 503 problem accessing /smvi/gwtrpc service unavailable


To All:

We are implementing a new VMware cluster with a new vCenter server. The vCenter Server 5.5 software is installed on a 2012 Standard server. When we install VSC 4.2.1 everything seems to work accept the backup and restore section. We we go there the following error occurs:

error 503 problem accessing /smvi/gwtrpc service unavailable

We've tried a few suggestions like a uninstall and reinstall VSC software, no succes.

We tried stopping the services and removing the C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console CRASH folder. No succes.

Anyone any idea where we went wrong?

Many thanks.



Hi Peter,

The Backup and Recovery component has some dependencies on the Windows OS version.

As such, VSC 4.2.1 does not support Windows 2012... specifically, the Backup and Recovery component as you discovered.

VSC 5.0 (in beta) will support Windows 2012.

Hope that helps!




Would this work if you were to install the VSC onto a separate Windows 2008 R2 server instead of onto the Win2012 vCenter server itself?  This way you could run the newer OS for vCenter and have VSC 4.2.1 until 5.0 is released? (As you'd need to do if you were running the vCenter appliance I guess?)

Just wondering as we are soon to upgrade our vCenter server and wanted to put 2012 in as the OS.



Hi Paul,

   Yes, deploying VSC to its own Win 2008 server would work just fine.  In fact, I would go so far as to recommend a separate/dedicated machine for VSC, since it isolates resource issues when both vCenter and VSC are active.




I was afraid of this, but didn't find the excact page were this is mentioned. Is there a release date for VSC 5.0.

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