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VSC 4.2.2 plugin floods vCenter database


At our vSphere 5.1 environment, the SQL Express database has filled up, which led to crash the vCenter service.

The database has been flooded with entries in the tables VPX_EVENT and VPX_EVENT_ARG.


03-02-2015 15-19-30.jpg


Over a sql query, we found that in 5 minute intervals login and logout sessions are created in both tables.


06-02-2015 08-38-52.jpg


In the vSphere Web Client it could be analyzed in more detail with the logging events.


06-02-2015 10-09-30.jpg



An un- and reinstalling of the vsc plugin at least brought the improve, that is no longer a one second frequency interval of the logging, but every five minutes.


After searching the internet, we have the log files of the vsc plugin in windows closer viewed -> " C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\ log".

The main reason for the filling of the tables in the vCenter database is the log file named "requests-2015_xx_xx.log".


06-02-2015 10-16-09.jpg



The following entries in the log file is filling the tables in the database until it comes to a standstill.


06-02-2015 10-17-49.jpg



Unfortunately i found no configuration option in the vsc plugin, which stops these log entries or reduces them.

I do not know why these entries are created or for which they are needed.


I would be very grateful if someone could propose a solution for it.

Thank you very much


My database grow nearly 80gb because of this :(.


Hello Turabo. Thanks for your answer, so I'm not alone with my problem.

Here is the solution that I have found and implemented so far.


  • Create a service account (NetApp) on the Windows Server vCenter and add him to the administrators group.
  • De-installation of the NetApp Plugin
  • Re-installation of the NetApp Plung (newest Version VSC-4.2.2-win64.exe)
  • Register the NetApp Plugin in the Browser with the new NetApp service account.


Add a "Scripts" Folder to your windows server.

Make an sql-query that deletes the entries of the NetApp Plugin from the affected tables (see appendix).

Make a batch file, that executes the sql-query (see appendix)

Add the batch-file to an scheduled task on the windows server an run it every evening.


also add an scheduled task, to shrink and maintenance the vCenter database once a week (sunday evening).


Greets Tobias