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VSC 4.2 Backup and Recovery issue


Hi all,

i have a very odd issue regarding the Backup and Recovery section of the VSC.  When creating a new backup job, VSC is unable to see any of my NFS datastores so I am unable to perform any backups.  Does anybody have any experience with this type of error?





I am seeing the same problem with iSCSI datastores. I have (2) boxes with VSC 4.2 installed, one previously had 4.1 installed and one did not. The one that previously had 4.1 installed is the one having the issue. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. I also see this in the log, but the controller is discovered OK on the Monitoring and Hosts tab: "DEBUG - ASUP: No storage system added to SMVI server".

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So you don't see any alerts under Storage System Configuration Alerts?


Nope, none.

NetApp Alumni

Well, in that case I would recommend opening a case with NetApp support to investigate it further.


Turns out ONTAP 7.3.2 is not supported with the 4.2 VSC. My site that was working was on a supported version of ONTAP.

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Hi Ryan,

As you may have noted, VSC 4.2 requires you to register storage systems using Monitoring & Host. In addition, I would also ask you to confirm that there are no storage systems listed under "Storage System Configuration Alerts" list. This list is on Setup page of Backup & Recovery plugin. If you still experience the same error, then the problem needs further investigation and you should contact NetApp support.     

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