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VSC 4.2 HTTP ERROR: 503 on Backup and Recovery with vSphere 5.1 and Clustered Ontap 8.2



We are running the following:

vSphere 5.1 update 1 SSO, VCENTER, SQL all on Windows 2012 Datacenter Server

Data Ontap C-Mode 8.2

I've installed VSC, registered the plugin like normal, entered credentials into the Monitoring and Host Configuration, everything else works fine except Backup and Recovery.

When I click on Backup and Recovery - Backup or Restore I'm presented with this error:

If I look into the SMVI.log file I can see that this particular API call is failing:

"[ERROR] Failure in jobList API call:"

The SAN credentials being used currently have full admin access

I've tried re-installing, i've tried running VSC on another server, i've removed IPv6 as per the documentation.

Any ideas ?



True, however, Nick's page is referring to which *guest* operating systems VSC can *manage*.

VSC itself must still be installed on Windows Server 2008 or 2003.

View solution in original post



I had the same problem in windows 2012. I resolved it by uninstalling VSC using the client installer and   re installed it again. It is  working fine and I am able to get Backup and Restore  Data.


Tried that and still didnt work (we are using 2012 R2 tho)

have given up on anything sensible so getting 2 new 2008 R2 machines created just for VSC (joy!)


Here the  procedure I  followed

1. Stop  NetApp VSC services

2. Exit frorm  vSphere Client

3. Uninstall VSC using  remove option

4. Reinstall  VSC

6. Start  NetApp VSC  service

7. Start vSphere Client

8. Open NetApp  Tab




Appreciate your efforts. as its not supported and a "might work" "might not work" situation we will put them on 2008 R2 until a better version of VSC 5.x comes along



We ran into the same issue. Is there any update, when this will support Windows 2012?


Hi Rolf, 4.2.1 I believe is the latest release and still does not support Windows 2012.

Is there any likelihood of getting a committed time frame around this upgrade path?

ISO 27001 is pushing to upgrade a number of systems onto Server 2012, however issues around supportability are still causing us issues in making any tangible progress with our upgrades.

Is there a committed time frame for support on the 2012 platform or is it expected that the 2012 support will come in version 5 and not 4.2.1?

Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

From speaking to support over the past couple of days the answer is ...... it's not in the current road map.   We are just installing a new VM farm and having to use 5 year old operating systems is just bonkers.  I know NetApp aren't alone in being very slow to respond to new OS offerings but it doesn't make it any less frustrating.


so 4.2.1 is the last version of 4.x and it wont run on anything newer than 2008 R2 for backup and recovery. is that what we are saying?

but 5.0 doesnt support linked mode (seperate installations) like 4.x did

also 5.0 removed single file restore which is a feature we use all the time

where does this leave us with our vsphere 5.5 instance on 2012 R2

having to make 2 seperate machines on 2008 R2 just for VSC? thats crazy. we have run VSC on the vcenter server for years

any advice?


But in Nick's write up Under VSC Bug Fixes it mentions:

Upgraded to VDDK 5.1 to support W2K12

VDDK 5.1 has support for newer versions of Windows operation systems including Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Windows Server 2012. P&C and O&M both have a dependency on the VDDK, so they have both been upgraded to the newest version in order for VSC to support the latest Microsoft OS’s.


True, however, Nick's page is referring to which *guest* operating systems VSC can *manage*.

VSC itself must still be installed on Windows Server 2008 or 2003.

View solution in original post


well that makes sense, I completely read that wrong , thanks for pointing that out, case closed


Sure thing.

If it softens the blow, 🙂 ,  we are looking at what it would take to add support for VSC to be installed on Windows 2012.

I just can't commit to which release will get it.


Any update on this? I'd like to install VSC on Windows 2012 as well.


It looks like everything else works fine except Backup and Recovery. Lucky it's in a lab environment


So the setup is now vCenter running on Windows 2012 and a separate Server running Windows 2008 for VSC. This is working perfectly.


Hi David,

    Are you saying that you installed VSC 4.2 on Windows Server 2012?  If so, then that is not a currently supported platform.  Granted, most things will probably work, but we do expect to find issues with SMVI / Backup and Recovery components.

  VSC 4.2 will need to be installed on a Windows Server 2008 (or 2003) machine.





I actually didnt think full functionality for the VSC was supported yet under Clustered-Ontap ?

In 7-mode this required a server running OnCommandCore + Host Package with the VSC installed on the same machine...  but moving forward NetApp looks to have forked OnCommand into two versions... 6.x for clustered-ontap installs (which doesnt have a "Host package" as it is a VM appliance and  5.x for 7-mode customers.

interesting times ahead 😐



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