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VSC 4.2 Install gone wrong


Hi All - I downloaded VSC 4.2 today and did an upgrade. After the install, the VSC Icon on the home page of Virtual Center is gone!. I looked in Control Panel and the 4.2 version is listed there. When I look in the Plug-In Manager GUI, I see the following (attached). I've unistalled and reinstalled the software. I get all the way to registering with Virtual Center, but yet, I'm unable to see the Icon in VC. I also notice multiple MethodFault.summary errors in the Recent Tasks.....

Anyone come across this? Any pointers? What happened.


Re: VSC 4.2 Install gone wrong


Unfortunately, it's not clear from here what the root cause of the problem is. The second screenshot indicates that the VSC server is not running, so possibly, some error forced a shutdown. Take a look at these files (paths relative to the VSC installation directory) to determine what the error might be:






Also from the second screenshot, the version of the registered Virtual Storage Console plugin is 4.0 which indicates that the Virtual Storage Console service did not reach the point where it updated the extension with the vCenter Server. Did you register at https://localhost:8143/Register.html?

Re: VSC 4.2 Install gone wrong


So I took a look at the files and have no idea what I'm looking for. I see some errors that I'm unable to ddecipher. I was able to register it...this is what has me going bonkers.

Who can help with parsing the logs? Whatever ails this is not apparent to me. Is the VSC supported through the communities site only?


Re: VSC 4.2 Install gone wrong



It's a long shot: if possible, try (logging in) with a new (created Windows) user, and (thus a) clean profile.



Re: VSC 4.2 Install gone wrong


This typically happens when there is a network communication failure between the vCenter server and the VSC server... but it can be triggered by things like bad DNS, failing services, not enough RAM for JAVA (or heap allocated for JAVA).

I'd recommend the following:

  • Upgrade VSC to 4.2, VSC 4.0 has been deprecated and isn't compatible/likely to work with the version of ESX or vCenter you're running
    • You can download VSC 4.2 here: http://support.netapp.com/NOW/download/software/vsc_win/4.2/
    • To ensure that you have a "clean" install, follow these steps:
      • using Windows Programs and Features, uninstall VSC 4.0
      • If you are running SMVI, ensure you copy the files "scheduledbackups.xml" and "backups.xml" to restore if necessary
      • once the uninstall has completed, navigate to c:\program files\NetApp (or program files (x86 depending on which you installed), and delete the entire Virtual Storage Console directory
  • ensure the VM/host running VSC has enough RAM, and expand the JAVA heap size: https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1014037
    • make sure the min java heap is set to 1024, and max is set to 4096 (unless you have a huge environment then you can make these values larger)
  • Re-register the plugin on the vCenter server:
    • change both the "plugin" and vCenter from DNS entries to IP addresses
  • Restart the VSC server (or restart the Virtual Storage Console Service)
  • Close and reopen your vSphere client
  • wait (patiently) until the NetApp discovery tasks complete

If this action plan doesn't get it up and running, please give us a call at NetApp technical support to continue troubleshooting and we can help you review the logs to determine why the methodfaultsummary errors are happening during discovery.

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Re: VSC 4.2 Install gone wrong


Schrie - I followed your instructions and the installation was successful. Thanks for the information.

Re: VSC 4.2 Install gone wrong


I was having this issue and registering the plug-in using IP addresses, rather than DNS names resovled it for me.



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