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VSC 4.2 Service Account Logging In and Out of vCenter Repeatedly


We are currently running VSC 4.2 with ONTAP 8.2P2 on vCenter 5.1 and the VSC service account is logging in and out of vCenter every 10 secs. 

I have run the steps below and still had the same issue. (Recommended on another thread...)

    •    Log into the VSC server over RDP using an administrator account

    •    Open a web browser and go to https://localhost:8143/Register.html

    •    For troubleshooting purposes, re-register using an administrator account (local)

    •    Make sure you're entering the IP addresses of the vCenter and VSC servers for the registration

    •    Click the register button

    •    Montor the sessions to see if there are still logins each 10seconds (after initial logins are completed)

Any help is greatly appreciated!





This behavior is expected. There are multiple background operations that VSC performs to query for updates to the vSphere inventory (e.g. VM deletion, moves, renames, etc., inactive vSphere sessions). Are you observing any problems due to this?


This is a new install of NetApp.  We don't have anything on the storage yet.  VSC 4.2 was installed on vCenter for performance testing right now.  One thing I have noticed was, when I try accessing the VSC snap-in.  It takes like 65secs to come up.  That's not normal. 



I had the same behaviour on many installations, the problem I see is that the login/logout of the VSC fills up vCenter logs and makes the browsing of vCenter Events unusable.


For us this has caused unexpected growth in our database and forces us to store gigs of unnecessary events. This should be an easily configurable feature to set polling frequency for the different plugins. We mainly use B&R and discovery on an adhoc basis so polling all the time is unnecessary.


We are having this same issue across all out Vcenters and the events for this are in excess of 70GB !!. We have NetApp on all our sites.


Anybody got a solution for this? If we can't find a solution we'll have to remove the NetApp stuff from VCenter.

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