VSC 4 and Optimized Luns


Creating optimized luns in VSC to quickly fix misaligned vm's is great, however not so great when you are using snapvault and there is no option to place the lun in a qtree.

Does anyone know if it's possible to create these optimized luns via the cli, so it will then be possible to place them in a qtree ?

Re: VSC 4 and Optimized Luns


Yes there is a manual way of creating these optimized LUNs through the CLI. Something that customers used before it became part of VSC. I would suggest you work with the NetApp support and the account team to get access to the procedure and configure it correctly. The manual procedure involves detecting the offset of the VM and ensuring the LUN created has the same offset as the VM. You can then put the VMs with the same offset into a single LUN and create more for VMs with different offset. Also you'll have to carefully label it to ensure no aligned VMs go into the optimized LUN.



Re: VSC 4 and Optimized Luns

Hi Satinder, thanks for your reply. I use VSC to scan the datastores and it tells me the vm's with certain offsets. For example Group 1 - vm's have an offset of 1 and Group 2 - vm's have an offset of 2, and so on. I have this information, but do you have the cli to create, for example, a lun with an offset of 1 ?

Re: VSC 4 and Optimized Luns

You can create the LUNs manually. Scan Manager is a good tool to understand which Group/bucket a VM falls under in terms of misalignment. You can definitely use it for an indication on the offset that you want to use for the optimized LUNs.

I can't post the commands here as these are supposed to be executed in diag mode. You will have to get in touch with NetApp support or a NetApp employee privately to get access to them. It is always advisable to use tools like VSC to take out any possibility of user error.

Also calculation of offset is not as simple as using the Bucket/Group number as the offset. There is more to it. Calculating the offset is a critical step.