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VSC 5.0 backup job Credentials and alerts


I need some help to change the "Destination Email Address(es)" for my backup jobs in the vSphere Web Client.


If I change the address and press "Send Test Email" the email is sent to the new address, but when I press OK the old email address is back, see attached picture for the Modify backup job window.


I can change the Notify On, Source Email Address, Destination Email Address and SMTP Host field, and send a test email, and have it delivered. But when I press ok the only field that is changed is the Notify On field.


Does anyone know how to make these changes permanent?


Thanks in advance


Re: VSC 5.0 backup job Credentials and alerts

You may be able to sort it out by editing scheduledBackups.xml like KB ID 1014396. Stop SMVI service, edit xml and restart SMVI.

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Re: VSC 5.0 backup job Credentials and alerts


This did not work for me. Did it work for anyone else? 


Steps I did:


I stopped VSC service, made the change on the .xml file, restarted the VSC service.


Please advise.



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