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VMware Solutions Discussions

VSC 5.0 - no more mbralign ... no more real alignment with VSC?




today I tried to align a real unaligned VM (Win2003 Test VM) using the Migration-Wizard. At the end I had a new optimized NSF-Datastore with my VM. VSC told me it is now optimized for alignment. A real check with UBERAlign told me that this VM was still unaligned!


What way does NetApp go here? They do not align the VM, they only create an optimized datastore? 



Does anyone know if mbralign still works on ESXi 5.5?


Online alignment for NFS datastore moves VMs to new datastore on adjusted volume, so VMDKs still seems unaligned from host perspective.
I'm not sure if mbralign works on ESXi 5.5, but mbralign is no longer supported in VSC 5.0.




It doesnt fix the mis alignment of the VM.  Instead it creates a misaligned datastore to offset the misaligned VM.

It's a case of 2 wrongs make a right Man Wink

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