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VSC 5 - Webclient multiple VCenter servers


Hi folks,

I'm wondering if it would be possible to use the Virtual Storage Console Version 5 in the following configuration:

One VSphere Webclient has a connection to multiple VCenter Servers. Every VCenter Server is using the NetApp functionality through a seperate NetApp VSC.

                                  _____   VCenter A -------------- NetApp Storage Console A


vSphere-Webclient  --------------  VCenter B --------------- NetApp Storage Console B

                                \ _____ 

                                             VCenter C --------------- NetApp Storage Console C

Currently we have the same configuration running with VSphere 5.5 and NetApp VSC 4.2.1. It's running fine because with VSC 4.2.1 you need to use the traditional VSphere Client and you are only connecting to a single VCenter.

Now we would like to update to version 5.0 to have the full functionality in the Webclient.

Maybe someone has already tried this configuration and can give me a short answer.

Thanks in advance!


Re: VSC 5 - Webclient multiple VCenter servers



it isn´t possible to setup this configuration with multiple VCs.

If you do this, you will get troubles with the vSphere WebClient Server (you will get conflicts).

NetApp must solve this issue on the VSC side, I think you must wait for VSC 5.1 or later...

Thanks, Jo!

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Re: VSC 5 - Webclient multiple VCenter servers


Hi Jo,

thanks for the quick response. That was exactly what i thought that will happen. So we will stay with VSC 4.2.1 and do the Tasks within the Fatclient.

Hopefully there will be an update for this scenario in the near future. Because I think in larger environments it is very likely to have this kind of configuration.

Cheers Alex

Re: VSC 5 - Webclient multiple VCenter servers


Hi Alex,

no problem!

I will do this on the same way,...

I will stay on VSC 4.2.1 and wait for the fixed version of VSC 5.

I have already forward this to my Account Manager and Escalation Engineer in Austria.

I don´t understand NetApp why they doesn´t have build in this "feature".

Many customers have multiple vCenter instances in larger environments.

I will update you soon if I get news about that.

Thanks, Jo!

Re: VSC 5 - Webclient multiple VCenter servers


Hi again,


during the study of the Release Notes from Virtual Storage Console 6.0 i found the following information.


Virtual Storage Console 6.0 for VMware vSphere and VASA Provider 6.0 for clustered Data ONTAP add several new features.
New features include support for the following:
•    (VSC only) Managing multiple vCenter Servers from a single vSphere Web Client
Each VSC server is registered with a single vCenter Server. This must be a unique one-to-one pairing.
Note: At this time, VASA Provider requires a single vCenter Server environment.


Maybe someone has already deployed the new version in such a scenario. It would be very interesting to hear if it is working now.


Thanks in advance.

Re: VSC 5 - Webclient multiple VCenter servers


I just upgraded VSC 6.0 in our lab.


Despite following the procedure (uninstalling the Plugin from the vCenter), I cannot register the VSC on more than one vCenter. As soon as I register on one vCenter the plugin unregister from the other vCenter.



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