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VSC 6.0 and storage system discovery; domain credentials

Hello comrades,


We're running vCenter server 5.5 with VSC 6.0, and are attempting to discover/manage filers running cDOT 8.2.3 with a domain service account. If we attempt to discover these filers using a local admin credential, we can drill in just fine and manage the filers. If we try to use a service account that lives on the domain, we get the message Insufficient Privileges.  


I've confirmed that the domain service account has the same roles and privileges as the local admin account (insofar as possible; can't put service-processor or console on a domain account). The password on this domain service account recently changed ... do we need to re-register this service account with VSC?


Is there something else I'm not thinking of?




Re: VSC 6.0 and storage system discovery; domain credentials

I am having this problem as well.  Does anyone have any advice?

Check out the KB!
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