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VSC 6.1 Snapvault not updated


Hi all,

i use VSC 6.1 with VMware vCenter Appliance 6U1 and Ontap 8.2.


I can create Backups but the snapvault relationship is not upgraded. i mean: i get a snapshot on node A but the existing snapvault relationship is not triggered, so i dont get the Snapshot to Node B.


In vSphere 5.1 and VSC 4.x i sued SV-SMVI Script to get it work. With the new VSC i thought i can do this without any externals scripts?


Can you tell me if i need to setuo SV-SMVI with VSC 6.1?

Or am i missing any settings? (Update Snapvault is set in the Backup Job)


i am not using SnapCenter..


Thanks for any help!

in vSPherin


Thank You very much. So i will read the smvi documentation and check if there is a Solution for 7-Mode with 8.2




SnapVault is only supported for cDOT datastores in VSC 6.1 (this has been true ever since SnapVault support was first added to VSC 5.0).  The SV-SMVI script supports SnapVault for 7-mode datastores, so I’m thinking that you are not yet using cDOT, which means that SnapVault is not supported. Both SMVI and NextGen BnR (SnapCenter plug-in) work only with cDOT based SnapVault.


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