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VSC 6.2.1 restore/mount backup

We are using VSC 6.2.1 with fiber channel attached storage.  My backup jobs all contain multiple "entities" (datastores).  When I go to restore or mount a backup of a single VM, VSC attempts to clone and mount ALL of the "entities" (datastores) contained within that job, rather than just the single datastore containing the VM in question.  Is this normal and expected behavior?


Re: VSC 6.2.1 restore/mount backup

Hi John,


Thank you for contacting NetApp community.


Please refer to the admin guide on how to mount that particular datastore as below.


VSC 6.2 Admin Guide   --> Refer to Page 122



VSC_Mounting Bkup.JPG





Re: VSC 6.2.1 restore/mount backup

Yes, that is the process I follow, but the result is still each datastore contained within the backup job gets mounted.  So if the backup job contains 10 datastores, all 10 are attempted to be mounted, not just the one I want.

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