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VSC 6.2.1P1 + SnapCenter2.0P1 + vCenter6.5


Deployed VSC 6.2.1P1  with vCenter 6.5 and everything works great. I'm create backup jobs, I was able to mount backup's to a host and unmount...etc. to be able to attach a virtual disk, I need Snap Center. I install SnapCenter2.0P1 on a new VM, configured VSM from my NetApp 8.3.2 Metro Cluster.

I went in VSC and registered with the SC Administrator credentials. The VSC did register with SC and the plugin are running, the host status is up. Right after this if I try to create a new backup job for a VM, and select backup now or try to create any backup from this point on, I get this error

" faultCode:Server.Processing faultString:'java.lang.RuntimeException : java.rmi.RemoteException: Exception in WSClient.invoke:; nested exception is:
 java.lang.NullPointerException' faultDetail:'null'".

If I try to attach a virtual Disk I get the same error. Man Sad

If I try to do run backup job, no problem.

if I try to restore, no problem.

If I wipe the content of the scbr.properties file to remove the connectivity to the SC 2.0, all is good with VSC. I really need to attach virtual Disk