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VSC 6.2 Powershell cmdlets not working as expected


We are attempting to write a script to provision and mount datastores in VMWare via the VSC powershell cmdlets. We have run into several issues when attempting to do this. We are using version 6.2


Command we are trying to run:

Add-VscDatastore -storageSysteId xxxxxxxxx-xxxxx- -svm test-svm -datastoreName test-ds -hostName $hostname -datastoreProtocol NFS -containerName test-aggr  -isThin $TRUE -datastoreSize 600000000000


Issue # 1

The -datastoreSizeGB parameter is invalid when we attempt to use it in Add-VSCDatastore, it appears we have to use -datastoreSize and specify a value in bytes.


Issue # 2

The -isThin $True parameter is not working. When we run the Add-VSCDatastore cmdlet with this parameter the output seems to suggest that the datastore has been created, but it never actually creates. If we remove that parameter the datastore does get created, but it is not thin provisioned.  


Has anybody else run into this and what was the fix ?