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VSC 6.2 in vCenter 6.5 ?

Hello everyone,


I installed VSC 6.2 and registered to vCenter 6.5 and it ok,after i add my netapp FAS system but it look that don't retrieve all system information like SVM created in the System .







Re: VSC 6.2 in vCenter 6.5 ?

My go-to tool when things aren't looking quite right is the Interoperability Matrix Tool.  Anyway, when I select VSC 6.2, vCenter 6.5 is disabled:


If I select 6.21, vCenter 6.5 gets re-enabled, so it looks like that'd be your safer path insofar as supportability...  If you did get things working in your present state with 6.2 and then ran into other issues, you might still end up wedged with NetApp in that your configuration wouldn't be certified as supportable.


Hope that helps,



Re: VSC 6.2 in vCenter 6.5 ?

I'am using vsc 6.2.1

Re: VSC 6.2 in vCenter 6.5 ?

Hello Bahmed,


Can you please try upgrading your VSC version to 6.2.1P1 as this version is marked supported with vCenter 6.5.

Let us know if you still face the same issue.



Re: VSC 6.2 in vCenter 6.5 ?



I am using the latest version but nothing happened,the same issue.



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