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VSC 6.2P2 and vSphere 6.0.0


I'm having trouble configuring VSC 6.2P2 with vSphere 6.0.0 Build 2793784.  VSC is installed on a separate VM from vSphere; both VMs are Windows 2012 R2.  VSC was successfully registered with vCenter as an Administrator user.  When accessing the VSC plugin as the vSphere Administrator user that registered the plug-in in the vSphere Web Clien the following Error messages pop-up:


"faultCode:Server.Processing faultString:'com.netapp.nvpf.api.model.ApiException : java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to create session.' faultDetail:'null'"




"Error while searching for hosts additonal column field values"


Also when I attempt to Add a Storage System, I get this warning message pop-up:


"Unable to add storage systems due to insufficient privileges.

You do not have sufficient permission to perform this action on: the root object.

Contact your administrator to add the following missing privileges:
Add, Modify, and Skip storage systems"


I've unregistered the plug-in, restarted the Web Client service, and re-registered the plug-in.  I've also reinstalled VSC and end up with the same result.


Anyone else run into this?





Re: VSC 6.2P2 and vSphere 6.0.0


I got this working properly by adding a DNS entry for the vCenter server and using the FQDN instead of the IP address when registering the plug-in.

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