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VSC 6 and VMWARE vCenter Server Appliance 6.0U2


Tried to install VSC 6.2SP2  on vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA 6.0U2),


Software installation on pc was completed.




In the process of  vSphere Plugin Registration - Plugin service information - Host Name or IP address


No matter I entered in  VCSA's Hostname or its IP address


It kept getting an error pop-up  - The Plugin Hostname or IP address can not be validated


If I still moved on and clickd Register button below, it showed  - The registration process has completed successfully




In VCSA's plug-in manager, Installed Plug-in, I could see  


VSC 6.2SP2 - Disabled - VSC for VMVSphere - the following error occurred while downloading script plugin from  https://<VCSA HONTNAME>.<DOMAIN NAME>.com:8143/vSphereExtensionDescriptor.xml ;  this request failed because of a connection failure (Unable to connect to teh remote server)


This VCSA was a brandnew installation. We are using NetApp Ontap as our backend SAN storage.


Does VSC even support VCSA 6.x ? 


If not, is there a way to work around ?


Please advise , Thanks !!!






So it sounds like you have installed the VSC Plug-In on a separate server, correct?


When you register the plug-in, are specifying the correct locations for the vCenter Server and the separate plug-in?


(See attachment)


I know some have seen issues when they try to specify the vCenter Server name in both of these fields, especially in the case of using the VCSA.


Also, have you ensured that the account you're using to register the VSC plug-in with has the correct privilages within vCenter?





Thanks for your reply and attachemnet.


You made a point here.


I kept entering "VCSA's IP" in "Plugin service information" field instead of using "Plug-in Host"'s IP which was my LOCAL server's IP.


After making that correction,  from vSphere pc client 6, in VCSA6's Plug-ins Manager, I could see both




Virtual Storage Console - NetApp, Inc. - 6.2P2 - Enabled - Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere




Virtual Storage Console - NetApp, Inc. - - No client side download is needed for this plug-in. - Virtual Storage Console for VMware vSphere


Now I have another question ,


In Web client  -


I went to vCenter - Inventory host - right clicks the VM - Actions  (slightly different than VSC 6.2 Manual)


I could not find NetApp VSC mentioned in doc.


Do I miss anything here ?


I logon to Web Client by using  administaror account created in VCSA installation process.


Please advise, Thanks !


Glad that helped. 


The next thing you would want to do is to then log into the vSphere Web Client and navigate to the NetApp VSC Plug-In itself. From there, you still need to ensure that any storage arrays, cluster, vFilers and / or SVMs are properly discovered and that the VSC plugin pulls all the necessary information from the storage side and any storage-attached ESXi hosts (which is why you don't see what you're looking for). 


You may need to add systems to the VSC manually.


Check the bottom of page 76 of the VSC documentation: https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_get_file/ECMLP2371569


There may be systems there, but credentials may be missing.





VCSA6's reboot fixed not-showing-NetApp-VSC issue.


Now, I could see NetApp VSC in Actions menu.


Even so,  NetApp info was still missing.


You were right.


I needed to add NetApp Storage System manually.


After entering rall NetApp access info, I could see NetApp server info show up.


Thanks again for your great support !!!! 




Awesome! Glad it worked out for you! 


You're very welcome for the help. Anytime!



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