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VSC 7.x Rapid Clones


in the vsc 7.x the "Rapid Clone Utility" was removed and I don't understand why!!


This is a very useful utility expecially for VDI environments.

I have a lot of customer that have VDI environment and use the RCU utility with extremly satisfaction and now are very surprised that they cannot use in it if upgrade to vsc 7.x

And this is a very big problem when they will be upgrade the vcenter also, because the vsc 6.x version seems will be discontinued early so latest vcenter versions probably will be unsupported.


PLEASE! can you add again the RCU utility in the 7.x or in the next major release (maybe 8.x?) where the latest releases of vcenter is supported?



Thank you!




Re: VSC 7.x Rapid Clones

@Simone_Anastasio we have heard this from the field and we're looking to bring this function back in VSC 8.0 via REST API's.  most customers that use VDI utilize the connection broker to provision the desktop VMs, which is why this function was removed from the GUI.  you can still provision today via PowerCLI or NetApp WFA.

Check out the KB!
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