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VSC / SMVI 4.1 job running



Several of my SMVI backup jobs are listed as "running". They've been like this for a while now. I've deleted the "crashdb" folder as specfied elsewhere, restarted both the virtual centre and the server with SMVI on and they are still there. SMVI seems to have managed to delete it's backups as they were after the retention period however i can't take any more. It seems absolutely crazy that there's no way to just cancel a "running" (but not relaly running) job!

Can somoene out there help me please?



Re: VSC / SMVI4.1 job running


sigh, never mind. As the jobs weren't running I looked around. Seems that the file that stores the backup configuration stores the the status of the job. I hacked the xml file and changed "running" to "success" then restarted the service and everything seems ok. Brilliant...

it lives here: \Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\smvi\server\repository\backups.xml

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Re: VSC / SMVI4.1 job running


I just encounter the same issue after upgrading SMVI to version 4.1.I edited the backups.xml as you suggested and everything appears to be working. Thank you!

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