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VSC and no_atime_update


Hi all.

For the first time, I provisionned a new LUN + volume with VSC 4.1P1, and observed that the new volume has the no_atime_update option set.

What's the rationale behind this ?

AFAIK, no_atime_update is not supposed to be of any benefit for LUNs.

For the sake of curiosity, I shared a few volumes with active LUNs over CIFS, and the LUN files access times were pretty old indeed.

I searched the web long and large for more information on atime updates and LUN performance, but nothing really came up.

Does VSC create "LUN" volumes just the same way it creates NFS volumes? (on which disabling atime updates does somehow make sense)

Or is there a really not obvious reason for disabling atime updates for LUNs?

Should I do so on all my LUN-containing volumes?


VSC and no_atime_update


I am unsure as to the origins of that setting.

Yes, it is set that way for NFS volumes as well as volumes that contain LUNs.

If you want a different setting, the creation options can be controlled via kaminoprefs.xml (in the VSC_INSTALL/etc/kamino dir).

Search for "no_atime_update" and change the value="on" to "off".

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