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VSC for Vcloud Director VM Backup/restore




So basically Netapp Support (and blogs) are telling me Netapp VSC is not supported for Backup/Restore of VCloud Director Vm's. What's the point with that?


I'm using Netapp VSC 6.1 in Vsphere 6 for backup/restore my non-VCD cluster VM's. Surely i dont want to buy an expensive extra product just for backup/restore the Vcloud Director Cluster VM's. I want to use VSC for that.


Why i cant use Netapp VSC for backup/restore VMs in a VCloud Director Cluster (version 8.x)? I'm not speaking about a integration of it into VCD gui so the VCD Tenants can do backup/restore on their own - i simply want to backup/restore my VCD Cluster VM's in VSphere Web Client just like the VM's in the normal cluster.


Any advices?



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