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VSC to SVM management LIF Limitations


We are bulding anew netapp cluster and we are stumbling on what can be a security vs management issue related to the VSC.


Our security people want to protect the VMware group from doing operations at the cluster level but the VSC provides deduplication and path information only if you connect at the cluster level, is there a way to provide that information using the VSC but only at the SVM level? Is this something Netapp is looking at for future VSC releases?


This system is being bult as a "multi-tenant" kind of storage and system administrators are to have only access to the SVM, but this limitation right now is putting that in to question.


How is this being achived at other places?





Re: VSC to SVM management LIF Limitations


It looks like you are discovering the limitations outlined on pager 80 here:  https://library.netapp.com/ecm/ecm_download_file/ECMP12412050.  Hopefully some others can chime in on what they are doing.  Obviously there are some other answers out there (as in connecting via SSH or PowerShell) to get this information, but I'm certain you would rather see it all in one pane of glass.

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