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VSC vSphere iSCSI provisioning management network problem



I have a problem with VSC plugin for VMware. My environment is:

vSphere 5.1

VSC 4.2.1P1 (on VM Windows 2008 server R2) outside the vmware environment, with visibility only the management network.

DataOnTap 8.2.2RC1 7-Mode

FAS-2552 (with VIF to ESX, to iSCSI provisioning, and management network e0M)

After adding controllers to VSC plugin (for network management).

When trying to create a datastore, since the creation fails on ESX servers, because  ESX server displays iSCSI initiators the management IP address, instead of IP address of iSCSI (VIF) network.

I have tried the following:

- Remove controllers, uninstall and reinstall VSC plugin.

- Install another version of VSC 

- Edit the file kaminoprefs:

     default.allow.iscsi.mount.networks: iSCSI network

     default.restrict.iscsi.mount.networks: network administration

No positive results

It only works if I manually add the IP address of the iSCSI (VIF) network to each of the ESX servers.

I hope you can help me.


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