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Veeam direct SAN backup


I'm really hoping someone has done this before. I have a physical Veeam server that connects to a NetApp FAS2050A (active/active cluster) via FC. I do not have the multipathing software from NetApp loaded on the physical server and I've read on Veeam's forums that multipathing for direct SAN backups is not recommended. As an alternative, NetApp recommended that I use specific igroups and portsets to basically present the LUN's over specific FCP ports to prevent trespassing and not require multipathing. They would not help any further though and said I should contact Veeam to discuss their recommendations around this.  I've posted on their forum and will open a case with them soon, but I figured I would post here too.  Has anyone used this type of setup?

My main concerns are:
* I've read horror stories about corruption occuring.
* Do I make the igroup OS type vmware or windows?
* Do I enable/disable ALUA on the igroup?

Any help would be appreciated!




Microsoft MPIO seems to work just fine with the host utilities.  I'll try to write a blog post about this because there are a couple of caveats like LUN ID's need to be the same between igroups.  Either way, seems to be working at this point!