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VMware Solutions Discussions

VSC provisioning on Simulator



I've a small virtual lab set up for testing and yesterday I connected to my vCenter Sever through vClient and tried using VSC Provisioning to create an iSCSI datastore on my DOT 7.3.6 Simulator. Some initital steps are successfult but when it comes creating the VMFS datastore, ESX reports "In Progress" and it stays like that indefinitely. I tried creating and mapping a LUN from storage side in order to attach it without the use of VSC but it's the same.

Did I miss something? Perhaps some limitation?





Hi Radek,

I thought I would try a simple test by connecting a LUN to a test Server 2008 VM, from a different Simulator on the same ESXi host.

When it came down to the final step, management console reported formatting the new partition - and appeared that it hanged. But in the end, some 10+ minutes later, it managed to format a 200MB disk. It's freakishly slow, even for a test lab.

Could it be an internal ESXi networking issue?



Did you create igroup on the simulator with ESX initiators in it? Can you see the initiators logged on NetApp interfaces?




I tried it again, after a while I refreshed the Storage datastoreS info on ESXi host and I got the following error on MY vClient:

Call "HostDatastoreSystem.CreateVmfsDatastore" for object "ha-datastoresystem" on ESXi "xxx.yyy.zzz.2" failed.


Hello Radek!

Unfortunately, it doesn't help.

- the first one doesn't apply because I've always used fresh volumes/LUNs/pathnames,

- and the second refers to /var/log/messages file which cannot be found on my ESXi host when I access it via SSH shell.

I should probably check all the log files but I don't know what/where to look for. Can you give me some pointers?


Yes, I can see the igroup I created manually and the one created by VSC as well.

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