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VSC 4.1 doesn't scan all of my VMs


Hello all,

I'd like to use the optimization and migration capability to scan our datastores for misaligned VMs and was quite successfull using VSC 4.0. Then I created some new datastores, moved VMs to the new datastores and deleted old datastores. After this I scanned all datastores again, first using VSC 4.0 and - after upgrade - VSC 4.1, but some VMs are still displayed as residing on datastores, which have already been deleted, and some VMs are just skipped. I have one datastore with only one VM (Windows Server 2012). If I select only this datastore for sacnning the scan manager displays the status "scanning", but nothing happens, and the "last scanned" timestamp of the VM is not updated. What's going on?

Thanks for your support!




Re: VSC 4.1 doesn't scan all of my VMs


Will you please attach the logs? From your description, an error is occurring during scan, but it's not clear what it might be. Are these VMFS or NFS datastores?

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