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Virtual Storage Console (VSC)

Any one knows when the new release of Virtual Storage Console (VSC) will be release, the current one is 4.0?


Re: Virtual Storage Console (VSC)

I'm not sure,

It seems to be pretty close. They just released an external beta an hour ago.

As you probably know, this is not safe for production, but i'm sure there will be some back and forth on release dates here.


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Re: Virtual Storage Console (VSC)

Thank you very much for your feed back, very much appreciated.

Re: Virtual Storage Console (VSC)

No Problem,

Can you mark this as answered so others can reference it?

Re: Virtual Storage Console (VSC)

Hi, has anyone heard from netapp of a confirmed production release of VSC 4.1?  I'm waiting patiently......to upgrade to vsphere 5.1, but cannot do so until VSC 4.1 is in production.

Re: Virtual Storage Console (VSC)

Now that Update 1A is out for vSphere 5.1 will the new version of VSC support this? or will 4.1 work on it?

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