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Virtual Storage Console - bug?

On the overview screen in VSC, it shows the 'Free capacity' on each filer. For example, for one of our filers it says we have 47.81TB free (96%). I know we don't have 47.81TB free. If I add up all the available space in each aggr on this filer, it totals ~12TB. I can't figure out how these free capacity numbers are being calculated, but they're way off!

If anyone else is running VSC - can you please update & refresh your VSC page and tell me if your free capacity numbers are accurate?

P.S. When is an update for VSC coming out and what might we expect with it? If you're taking feature requests, figure out a way to have it periodically update on it's own instead of requiring it to be done manually.




Re: Virtual Storage Console - bug?


I have not seen this issue, can you open a case with NGS and share with the community what you learn?



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