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VmWare and NetApp


We are running VmWare on our NetApp storage. Which we have deploy a couple of virtual servers on and we are experiencing  that it is slow and lag. Does anyone have tips on how to configure or what I'm starting to look. Is there a setting that I need to do to make it work?



Re: VmWare and NetApp

Hi Tobias

As you just provided us basic information, it is hard to tell where the bottleneck is. This depends on your setup, the storage protocol you user and as well on the configuration.

As a reference I add the link to the NetApp VMware Best Practices Guide. I know it is big, but it covers almost everything. Have a look at it.



Re: VmWare and NetApp

We run primary on NFS protocoll

Re: VmWare and NetApp


Michael has provided a great starting point for the proper configurations of NetApp filers running VMware.    As you have asked where to start looking as well, I would run sysstat -xt 1 (verify Syntax )  to determine what the filer is doing as well as see what VMsphere reports in the its performance console.   Hope this helps.

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