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Vsc 4 and cluster mode


Anyone have the issue when using cluster mode ontap and esxi 5, whereby when adding the storage host would take forever for it to discover Luns etc etc then when it's finnally finished I can not add datastores to manage them on vservers??



VSC 4.0 does not support c-mode...VSC 4.1 does! Its in Beta now on the communities site.

>>Edit...It was just pointed out the VSC 4.0 DOES support c-mode. My mistake there. Sorry for the confusion. Any other details you can give us on the problem?



Sure -

As mentioned, running c-mode on our filers and VSC 4 on Vsphere 5 Enterprise Enterprise. I added a controller (the management interface) is what i pointed it to as it is not documented what interface to point it at. Entered my credentials and it started to perform the discovery. it stayed at 95% status of a discovery for a very very long time [hours and hours].

Once it was completed (came in the next day) and noticed on the NAS stoage details in VSC 4 that it showed a vserver (vs1) with a couple NFS datastores.

Thus far I am wondering why it took so long to complete the discovery... ?

Now on to my next issue:

I wanted to provision datastores and none of the Cmode controllers are displayed in the target Storage Controller screen in the Netapp Datastore Provisioning wizard.

Anyhow I hope that was a bit more insightful

but that's about as far as I can take it with VSC 4 on c-mode - So I am wondering what i have done incorrectly or missed for it not to show up there....

p.s. What Netapp office do you work out of?


Thanks Peter...That helps.

I have limited experience with VSC and c-mode together but there are a couple of things that might help. First, in c-mode you would not provision datastores to the controller directly but rather to the vserver. The vserver in turns needs to have permission to provision to the Aggrs own by the controllers. In System Manager you can provide the permission to the vServer for the Aggrs, then in VSC you should check to insure your credentials allow you to do datastore provisioning. You should then have the ability to create datastores on any of the allowed Aggrs.

As for why did it take so long? Got me there... May a clue in the logs from that time?

I'm based up in Canada on Vancouver Island...



DId you ever get an answer to this:

Now on to my next issue:

I wanted to provision datastores and none of the Cmode controllers are displayed in the target Storage Controller screen in the Netapp Datastore Provisioning wizard.

I am having the same issue.  VSC 4.1.


Not exactly.


I'm assuming the controllers have all been given credentials in the Monitoring and Host Configuration screen.

Assuming that has been done, and if the controllers are not showing up, I would try to restart the Windows service (Virtual Storage Console for VMware).

And, if the controllers still do not appear in the provisioning wizard, please email all logs to dl-kamino-dev@netapp.com



Couple questions:

1. How many node cluster you working with?

2. What did you use the IP of your management interface to add to vsc?

3. My gut says I am 99.9 certain you got it running by restarting the services?

Elaborate your lab just a bit and what you did. Would be beneficial. thanks much

I would point it at my management port IP. it would discover all the nodes and then seems to hang at 95% at "calculating capacity" message.

If I am wrong by all means please tell me so..  p.s. I am using vsc 4.1. the docs are so/so

It will sit like this all night (see attachment) hope it is clear

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