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Where do I find the NFS-plugin for vSphere5?



I can't get a grip of where I can find the NFS-plugin needed to get NFS acceleration in vSphere 5.

It doesn't seem to be a part of the Virtual Storage Console 2.1.1.

I see OnCommand™ Host Package 1.1 with Vmware support, but it seems to be overlapping VSC, and I can't get a grip if this is what I need.

Is it part of a product I need? Is it free?

As we are running Vmware with NFS on our production envirovment I would like to enable the plugin on a ESXi in the envirovment (pre-production) but outside the production cluster(or one ESXi at a time). Is it possible to phase in the plugin or is it systemwide within the same vCenter when I install it?



Are you refering to the VAAI optimization for NFS? If so, today it is available only with ONTAP 8.1 c-mode. Is that what you have loaded on your controllers? The VAAI for NFS will be available for 7-mode in a future release of ONTAP (soon!)

When released with 7-mode it will be a free download.



Well, we are running Ontap 8.0.1 on our metrocluster. I guess this would be another reason to upgrade to Ontap 8.1 once it is our as GA for our N-series.

You didn't say if the plugin is a part of VSC, Host package or something new.


MetroCluster is one of those things you can't do with 8.1 c-mode. You will have to wait for the 7 mode release that has the NFS VAAI offloads, (likely 8.1.1 or 8.2)

The module for the NFS offloads is a seperate download from the VSC