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Hi everyone my question is related to Brocade Fabric Switch , please go guide me

my company has procured Brocade Fabric Switch in 2011 connected to NetApp San and as i am new to this brocade switch and also to the company.

  The brocade switch is connected to netapp san, Now i am supposed to do zoning and connect it to Vmware ESXi servers.

I could somehow tried to login to brocade switch through the managment port. please do guide me the procedure or screenshots to do zoning and connect it to esxi servers.




To start with, you want to make sure everything is connected correctly across two *separate* fabrics. Have a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switched_fabric for an example of how you want your FC fabric to look.

Once everything is connect properly, create FC Aliases, FC Zones, and a FC Configuration on each of your FC Switch. See http://community.brocade.com/t5/Fibre-Channel-SAN/Name-server-and-Port-based-zoning-example/ta-p/2265 for the CLI commands to do this. You can also use the Brocade FC SwitchExplorer GUI to achieve the same thing.


You can also find the steps for implementing zoning in the Brocade guides if you wanted some additional details.  If you want the do it via CLI, you can use the FOS Admin Guide.  The link below will take you to the specific page which deals with zoning:

FOS v7.2 Admin Guide for Zoning:


If you want to use the SwitchExplorer GUI which Jonathon mentioned above, the link below will take you to the specific page in the Web Tools Admin Guide which deals with this:

Zoning pages in the Web Tools Admin Guide v7.2:

If you want a document which pulls a lot of SAN admin tasks together, I would take a look at the SAN admin best practice guide:


I hope the above helps.

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