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authentication failure adding array manager to SRM 5.8, vCenter 5.5, SRA 3.0


I am trying to add an array in VMware SRM and getting an authentication failure error.  I'm using vCenter 5.5, SRM 5.8, and SRA 3.0.  The arrays are cdot 8.3.  


I'm configuring to connect to IP of the cluster management, provide the IPs of the nfs volumes, the SVM name, etc.  


For authentication I am using a domain account and providing username as domainname\username. I've confirmed that I can connect to the Oncommand Sysmgr site (https:\\cluster-ip).


Looking at the logs it doesn't even appear that the add array task is attempting a connection.  I recall previous versions of VRA had configuration for setting https connection vs. http.  But didn't see similar setting with VRA 3.0.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



The add array task might be failing because VP is not registered with VSC in both the sites. Please register Vasa Provider with the VSC 6.x and above. The latest VSC version available is VSC 6.2.1.


I have VSC 6.2P2 installed and registered to vCenters for both locations.  (running the VSC service off the same Windows server where SRM service is installed)  And also deployed and registered a seperate VASA 6.0 virtual appliance to each vCenter.


I am able connect to the VSC plug-in from the vCenter 5.5 Web client.  It detects the storage systems, but the volumes show up as unknown.  I wasn't planning on configuring the login as we were not going to manage NetApp thru VSC.  I didn't think this was a requirement for the SRA.


I am able to go into the 'Configuration' section of the VSC vCenter Web client session and the link to 'Register/Unregister VASA Vendor Provider' lists the IP address of my VASA vApp and the vCenter server shows as 'REGISTERED'.   I will go back and reinstall VSC and re-register VASA.