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NetApp VM restore stuck at 57%


We are performing restores with VMWare ESXi 5.5.0 and VSC 4.2.1 and when we run the restore the GUI gets to 57% and just sits for the longest time. Is this normal behavior? Is there a way to check the restore progress from the command line?


Re: NetApp VM restore stuck at 57%


How large is the VM? I see this activity on restores of large VMs. I typically login to the ESXi host via SSH run an "ls -lh" on the datastore to see how much has been restored.


Re: NetApp VM restore stuck at 57%


Did any found a solution for this issue ? we had a similar problem stuck at 57%





Re: NetApp VM restore stuck at 57%


I had similar problem with VSC 6.x running on vCenter 5.5 and the restore process got stuck at 57% and took very long time and eventually was gave an error but the VM was working fine and restored correctly.  I wasn't happy about the amount of time the restore took and also the error.  So, I added another vNIC interface on the vCenter server into the storage network and this time, the restore process waited at 57% and after some time it went to 77% and completed successfully.  So, it might because vCenter needs to communicate with the storage system (NetApp) on the storage network.

Re: NetApp VM restore stuck at 57%


Was there ever a resolution to this? We had the same issue. After it errored out, the machine was not restored though. The web client said it was succesful in a matter of seconds, but the VIC client showed it as hung. 


VSC 6.X with vSphere 5.5.


VSC is installed on a seperate server. 

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