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VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run

We have setup with vSphere 6, VCenter Appliance, and a Windows 2012 with the NetApp VSC plugin installed.
I can setup a backup-job, with snapshot of VM, and snapmirror of the volume.
When I run the job manully it works, but it won't run at the scheduled time.
It worked fine in VSC 6.1.
Has anyone seen this issue, og have any ideas what could be the reason ?


Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run



I'm having the exact same issue with VSC 6.2.  Jobs run fine when started manually but not at the scheduled time.  We're running VSC 6.2 and vCenter 6.0 Update 2.

Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run



I was able to resolve the issue.  Here's what I ended up doing:


  1. Uninstalling VSC 6.2, deleting the “C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console” folder and subfolders and then installing VSC 6.1.
  2. Disabling TLS for the controllers (this apparently only works with VSC 6.2).
  3. Re-creating the backup jobs with new This step was very important as otherwise were receiving a “MethodFault.summary” error message.


After doing all of these steps backup jobs have all been running successfully since 6:00 PM EST yesterday!

Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run



I restartet the windows server with the VSC plugin, and after that it has run 🙂


In the troubleshooting, I tried to modify the backup-job to run on a diffrent time, but i still runs at the time I configured at first.


So for me it seems to work ok, except for modify the backup time.

Perhaps I have to delete the job and create it again, if it should run on another time..... 😕


Regarding the controllers, I was not able to add them with TLS in VSC 6.2, but in 6.1 I was able to use TLS.

I don't know if it requies new certificates at the controllers ??


But anyway it works now 🙂




Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run



We have the same issue with 6.2. The reboots changes nothing.
Complete Uninstall, delete files and reinstall with new configuration, still the same!


We try 6.1...




Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run

This is currently being tracked under Bug 996129



From what has been seen, this impacts backup jobs created or editted in VSC 6.2.

There are two work arounds that have been identified:

1. Revert to VSC 6.1.  Note that it may be necessary to edit the affected backup jobs (simply modifying the description would be adequate).

2. After creating or editting a backup job in VSC 6.2, restart the NetApp SnapManager for Virtual Infrastructure service.


Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run

A new patch for VSC has been released, 6.2P1.  It can be downloaded here:



VSC 6.2 merges the seperateness of VVOLs/VP in 6.0 and no VVOLs but integration with SnapCenter 1.0 of VSC 6.1.

Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run



I have tried to upgrade to VSC 6.2P1, but it failed - not the installation on the Windows server.

But afterward I wasn't able to run the backupjobs, or make new jobs.


When creating a new job, I reach the step, where I choose the volume, and then it says, that it cannot connect to the Virtual Storage Console - Make sure it is running.

I have then uninstalled the VSC 6.2p1, for comming back to a point where it was running, but I didn't succeed 😞

And after the uninstallation, I renamed the NetApp-folder, so it didn't bring some old configuration with in the to new installation.

I have also tried unregistering the in the ExtensionManager on the Vsphere Client.


I also installed a new Windows server, to make sure it wasn't on the server's registry there was some left over.


Now I finally managed to make it running again. - so my question is now.

What is the exact procedure for upgrading from VSC 6.2 -> VSC 6.2P1 ??


I also have som VM's that where I recieve this error:

2016-05-13 01:30:11,051 WARN - VMware Task "CreateSnapshot_Task" for entity "DKSXXXFRENFDC1v" failed with the following error: An error occurred while saving the snapshot: Failed to quiesce the virtual machine.
2016-05-13 01:30:11,067 WARN - Only a crash consistent backup will be taken for VM "DKSXXXFRENFDC1v" since VMware snapshot create operation failed.      


Thanks 🙂




Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run

Hi everyone,


I read your responses and I have the same problem, the scheduled won’t run. Today I update to VSC 6.2P1 and it works fine.


The update process is very simple, only start de setup process and it upgrade the version and the process, after finished it need to re-register the plug-in.


many thanks

Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run

Hi all,

the reason, the jobs did not run is un the job itself - there is a end time in Year 292278994 - so very far away. To solve this, you must manually edit the xml file and then restart the smvi-service.

Example job:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

<quartz xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns="http://www.opensymphony.com/quartz/JobSchedulingData">























               <cron-expression>0 50 12 * * ?</cron-expression>





Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run

This is currently being tracked under Bug 996129



This is the answer. (6.2P2 is actually out now).


I had the same problem and upgrading solved it. A workaround without doing the upgrade is to restart the SMVI service after making any changes to a backup job.

Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run

same issue with 6.2P1 we solved replacing








NetApp please debug carefully with intelligence your software, also because they are very expensive and customers needs reliability

Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run


Where are the backup jobs stored? I've got the same problem even with VSC 6.2P2 but I'm using the integration with SnapCenter.

Regards Erik

Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run

if installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 the default should be:

C:\Program Files\NetApp\Virtual Storage Console\smvi\server\repository\backup\jobs



use an editor like Notepad++ or other



Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run


But as I use VSC integrated with SnapCenter, the jobs seems to be stored in SnapCenter DB and not locally on VSC.

regards Erik

Re: VSC 6.2 scheduled backup won't run

You are correct. If using VSC with SnapCenter integration, the backup job configuration is saved in SnapCenter's database.

If the jobs are not running on their schedule, it would be a different issue than the one in this thread.


Without seeing the SnapCenter logs, it would be difficult to say. However, I have seen previously, where SnapCenter had the state of related backup jobs stuck in a job monitor table.

Specifically in the instance I saw, it was the nsm_nlb_job_monitor table. 


That manifested with this type of message in the SC logs:

2016-06-02T02:50:02.3881703-04:00 DEBUG SMCore PID=[4760] TID=[23] StartScheduleBackup FailedNLB job '<backup_job_name>' already running on node '<snapcenter_node_name>'.


An improved automated clean up mechanism for this is scheduled for the next release of SnapCenter.

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