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Talk with other users about your NetApp data storage solutions and VMware server and desktop virtualization solutions, as well as NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for VMware’s vSphere cloud computing foundation.

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Hi All   Looking for a little advice before i log a case as we are flat out of ideas. We have multiple environments with 8020s running On-Tap 9.1 each ...read more
Hello,   is anybody else facing with error when starting up a VM on the vVol datastore? I have an error failing to create .vSphere-HA folder for HA pr ...read more
Previously, we used VSC for two reasons - backing up datastores and setting recommended settings in the VMware environment. Now we have migrated from ...read more
I'm new to NETAPP world and was wondering if anyone has had previous experience connecting and HPE c3000 to a NETAPP *directly*.  Directly meaning, HP ...read more
Hello, Does anyone have a construct of NetApp VSC / Snapcenter plugin VMware and VMware Site Recovery in use?Since Site Recovery version 6.5, after ac ...read more
We have been seting up VSC, VASA and SRA to use with SRM for vCenter 6.5.1, our ONTAP is 9.2P2.We deployed the SRM and VASA, VSC & SRA appliances and ...read more
Hello,   did anybody try VSC 7.1 with vSphere 6.7 yet? I deployed the VSC appliance, it successfully registered to vCenter as shown in VSC maintenance ...read more
We have upgraded from 2.1P1 to 7.2.1 SRA but now the VCS wont display in VMware web client and also it won’t let me install my SRA client as it stats ...read more
Has anyone got VSC7.2.1 working with VCSA 6.7U1b? I have removed the previous VSC extensions and upgraded VCSA from VSC 6.5U1 to 6.7U1b. Then I deploy ...read more
We have a Vmware 6.0 cluster and using FAS2240-4 (8.23) for storage.   In the error log I can see this: ISCSI: New session from initiator iqn.1990-07. ...read more